Both the University and the Nation administer large numbers of scholarships aimed at aiding members of Västmanlands-Dala Nation financially. The scholarships are announced – that is, open for applications – four times per year. Keep your eyes open both here, in Landskapsposten and on the Nation’s billboard!

RIGHT NOW these scholarships are available. Apply by the 20th of November at 14:00.

Please contact the First Curator for more information. For information regarding collection of scholarship funds, please contact the deputy Treasurer.

FAQ regarding sholarships

How do I apply for scholarships?

Scholarships administered by the University are applied to according to the University’s scholarship office’s instructions. The Nation’s scholarships are applied to by handing in a correctly filled in scholarship application form with the right enclosures, among them the confidential self declaration to the Nation’s First Curator. If the application is handed in when the office is not open (e.g in the letterbox in the Nation or by post) mark the envelope with the application “First Curator, Scholarship application”.

What is to be enclosed to the scholarship application?

Certificate of your study results and certificate of registration for the current semester from Uppdok/Ladok must always be enclosed to every application. Copies of electronic certificates with control numbers are accepted as originals. The alternatives “Study results” or “National certificate” must be used. Printouts from are not valid as certificates. Special qualification for a scholarship must be proved with enclosures (e.g. receipt for paid term fee to the Nation, higher school certificate, proof of membership in the Church of Sweden, birth certificate including place of birth etc.). If certificates are missing then you as an applicant are considered not to meet the qualification requirements. Proof of kinship can be proved by a family tree that has been drawn by yourself and attested by two persons with name and phone number. All copies must be attested by two persons with name and phone number. All enclosures except for study results with original signature or control number and original birth certificate must be attested. Incorrect information in the application may lead to obligation to repay the distributed scholarships and in some cases liability.

What amount is my scholarship?

The amount can in general be found in the announcement. Information about the profit from scholarships and funds administered by the University can be found on the home page of Uppsala akademiförvaltning. For information about the current amount of the scholarships and funds administered by the Nation you can contact First Curator or Assistant Treasurer.

When do I receive the money?

Payment of rewards and scholarships administered by the Nation is managed by the Nation’s Assistant Treasurer. Usually payment of both monitored and newly awarded scholarships is done within a month after the awarding occassion. The Senior Members’ college usually makes decisions concerning monitorings in October (autumn term) and March (spring term) and concerning scholarship appointments in November December (autumn term) and May (spring term). Payments of scholarships administered by the University is managed by the University’s scholarship office and it can provide further information concerning dates. Usually the awarding decisions are done in December (autumn term) and May (spring term).

How do I monitor my scholarship?

If you hold a scholarship you must monitor it every term in order to keep it the terms after you have been awarded it. If the scholarship is not monitored it will be announced again. To monitor the scholarship you hand in a statement of scholarship eligibility and enclose a confidential self declaration, an excerpt from a register of studied courses, proof that you study during the current semester and a recepit for paid term fee. The monitoring must be handed in to the First Curator on February15th during the spring term and September 15th during the autumn term at the latest.

How many scholarships can I hold at the same time?

A maximum of two scholarships administered by the Nation can be held at the same time. If you are awarded more than two you must choose to renounce one ot them- this choice can for example depend on the length of the scholarship or amount, which may cause you to prefer one scholarship to another one. The renounced sholarship will be awarded another applicant, if any, or is anounced next term as an extra scholarship (lump sum). The University’s scholarship office applies a scholarship cap, i.e. a maximum sum per term. On the scholarship office’s web page more information about the scholarship cap can be found.  

Which scholarships are available?

Nation scholarships administered by the University or by the Nation that can be applied for are listed in Stipendiehandboken (not available in English yet). Questions regarding Nation scholarships are answered by the Nation’s First Curator. Moreover there are a number of scholarships with conncetion to Västmanlands-Dala Nation and Västmanland and/or Dalarna that are listed in the handbook. If you know of more scholarships with connection to the Nation and Västmanland and/or Dalarna you are welcome to inform us so that we can complete our handbook.