• LP Tidning Landskapsposten

    Landskapsposten nummer 1 HT2018

    Läs senaste numret av Landskapsposten
  • Fira Aaltoborg på V-Dala!

    Ladda upp för Valborg på V-Dala mellan den 26e till 29e april!
  • Membership Recentior New student

    Welcome to the nation

    Are you a new student Uppsala? Welcome to one of the oldest and bigest of the student nations here in Uppsala. Become a member by visiting our house during office hours or by going to www.uppsalastudent.com
  • Facade renovation Memories

    Buy a bit of V-Dala

    Now is your chance to buy a part of the V-Dala house.

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Opening hours

  • Curators' office

    • First Curator and Second curator handle registration, tickets and guest cards, scholarship and general questions regarding the nation and its history.
    • Mon: 11-13
    • Tue: 16-18
    • Wed: 17-19
    • Thu: 16-18
    • Fri: 10-12
  • Puben

    • Monday - Sunday: 18-01
  • The library

    • Mon-Thu: 15-18
    • Fri: 10-13
  • The Housing office

    • deals with matters concerning the nation's homes under the following telephone and visiting hours. Address: Svartmangatan 16, 1st floor. Phone: 018-12 80 70
  • Saturday fika

    • Closed until further notice
  • Sunday brunch

    • Sunday: 11-14
  • Carl Larssons café

    • Monday - Thursday: 11-17
    • Wednesday lunch: 11.30-14