Alumnus – V-Dala vänner

Are you an alumnus? Do you wish to reconnect with the nation? At V-Dala, we strive to improve the relationship between the present and the past and their respective generations of V-Dalings.

If you are an alumnus who wishes to improve their connection to the nation? Contact the First Curator. You can also join the association V-Dala vänner (Friends of V-Dala), further information below.

Our wish is for you and we to have the same relationship we used to have, albeit with a more nostalgic touch. Our long-term goal is to cherish this relationship to safeguard the future of  our nation together, and to preserve the memory of our carefree days in Uppsala and at V-Dala.

Alumni associations

Föreningen Västmanlands-Dala nations vänner (Friends of V-Dala)  is the Nation’s alumni association. Further, there are a couple of specific associations for alumni belonging to certain groups at the Nation:

V-Dalakörens seniorförening (The V-Dala Choir’s senior members)  for those who sang with the Nation’s choir.

– Föreningen Krutgubbarna for former members of ab Kruthornen and Letta Gardet.

V-Dala vänner

Eligible for membership are all honorary members, anyone who has been a member for at least five semesters, and others decided by the board of V-Dala Vänner. At present, this association counts around 350 people among its ranks. Membership is 75 SEK/annum (lifetime member 750 SEK). Become a member by depositing the membership fee to the association’s postgiro account 41 38 41-8. As a member, you will receive a registry with information about the members and the Nation’s magazine, Landskapsposten.

General meetings are held every other year, normally May 1st, and consequently every four years in conjuncture with the Senior Members’ Meeting. Every semester, the association hosts various functions and gathers present and past members of the nation to, among other things, May dinner, Autumn feast, balls or gasks. V-Dala Vänner supports the Nation, for example with monetary assistance for important investments and activities, presents grant money at the Autumn feast and keeps its members informed of what goes on at the Nation.


Föreningen Västmanlands-Dala nations vänner, informally V-Dala Vänner, was originally Föreningen Västmanlänningar och Dalkarlar (the Association Westmen and Dalecarlians), FVDK, which was founded on May 1st, 1955. It was decided that the name be changed at a general meeting on May 1st 2007. Apart from the name, the bylaws remain the same.  Key concepts are  “preserving and strengthening the members’ feelings of fellowship with one another and with  the active students of Västmanlands-Dala Nation”  att ”to be the members’ point of contact with the nation in matters which have to do with them” and further to “benefit the nation in other matters.”