The sterotypical student is poor. That same stereotype knows that the best way to combat poverty is working at the nation. At V-Dala, all kinds of work in the entertainment sector pay 40 SEK/hour (but can vary to higher sums depending on tasks). You can try your hand at bartending, cooking, washing dishes, being the doorman, baking cookies or working in the wardrobe for a day (or night). It’s great for both your wallet but also gives you a chance to try out new things and skills, while making new friends!

Contact Klubbverket or Puben for further information.


Work at the partyfloor

Klubbmästaren is responsible for dishes-, port-, wardrobe- and glass picking staff on the partyfloor,

Serve or cook

Klubbmästarinnan is responsible for kitchen and serving staff on the party floor.

Work in the bar

Barmästaren is responsible for the bartenders.

Work in the pub

Pub manager is responsible for staff in the pub where you can work in the kitchen, bar, restaurant and port.