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Rentals at Västmanlands-Dala Nation
Västmanlands-Dala Nation’s banquet hall is the largest banquet hall in Uppsala, along with Uppsala Castle. With capacity for up to 400 seated guests, you can enjoy the magnificently unique surroundings of Alvar Aalto’s banquet hall. Contact our rental salesperson to rent V-Dala nation.

At Västmanlands-Dala nation we have a long experience of organising large gasques and other events. We always strive to offer the highest nation standard possible.

Many other facilities are also available to rent.

What can we do?
At Västmanlands-Dala nation you can book large lunches, gaskets, club nights and other events. Here you can arrange clubs for up to 900 guests. Our facilities have the possibility for three dance floors, located in close proximity to our three bars. One of the dance floors can also be converted into a karaoke room.

Our great hall, also known as our party floor, can accommodate up to 400 seated guests. With its adjustable walls, the room can be adapted to the number of people seated. The large stage in the middle of the hall can be used for both speeches and entertainment.

At Västmanlands-Dala nation we aim to offer a good and balanced menu. The menu will be mailed upon request.

We want to be able to offer you the best party and therefore we are happy to listen to your wishes and will do our best to adapt the seating to suit you best.

By students, for students
Västmanlands-Dala nation, like all other nations in Uppsala, is an organization run by students and for students. All staff, full-time and hourly, are dedicated volunteers and have taken time out of their studies to contribute to the nation, and to help make your particular event the best it can be.
Without our volunteer members, the activities would not be possible.

If I want to book?
When booking, please contact our Rental Manager first via email:
To make a booking with us you need to have an academic affiliation (for example, to a student union or student society), and the party needs to be at least 200 seated guests. For smaller groups, special arrangements can be reached.

You are more than welcome to contact us if you are planing a larger dinner, gasque or just a normal club night!


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