Your party at V-Dala

We have much experience arranging both big and small parties. The most important part of a sucessful party is for us to have a mutual understanding of the plans for the arrangement. We like to meet with you early on in the process to assist you with comprehensive planning and to work out a price. We are happy to provide ideas, but we do like you, the organizer, to go through the checklist below before our first meeting.

Basic planning – menu and contents

We are happy to plan the menu together. We have one standard menu, but if that don’t live up to your expectations we’re happy to make a menu with you.


After a few meetings we usually have a reasonable understanding of both our expectations. That is when we both sign the contract guaranteeing that the banqueting hall is at your disposal in the manner agreed upon. The same contract states the price and other important matters.

Detailed planning and execution

As your party draws closer we go through the arrangements in more detail. You have likely appointed a toastmaster by this point, who can take part in the meeting and discuss the evening’s schedule. We have a lot of experience at this and are happy to share our knowledge so that the evening will run smoothly. We are available to answer any questions that might arise between meetings. During the party you – unless we agree differently – can calmly leave all the logistics to us.

Before our first meeting – what is your mental image of the party?

What general arrangement would you like? Three-course dinner served at the table or a buffet?

Would you like linen tablecloths and napkins?

Long tables or round ones?

Approximately how many people will be attending?

When would you like to start and for how long will you be staying? (The Nation closes at 02.00 at the latest)

Would you like a dance floor and bars open after dinner?

Dou you need a DJ, a band or any technical equipment?

Are you interested?

Would you like to host a party at V-Dala? You are more than welcome to contact the rental manager.

We look forward to making your party a success!