The Banqueting hall

The Nation’s banqueting hall with adjacent rooms is worth a visit. Please take a look around! The venue can be customizes in a variety of ways and we are happy to help you find the best possible solution for your particular arrangement. Some more information can be found below.  If you have any questions, please contact the rental manager.

The Great hall

Thanks to a unique solution with four large folding walls, the great hall can be divided in equal thirds. In its basic configuration, the hall seats up to 400 people, but using the walls it can take on more pleasant sizes for 80-250 people. The middle part of the hall contains a stage with curtains, and rigging suspended from the ceiling provides a professional lights and sound system. The southern third of the hall houses a long bar, capable of providing all kinds of drinks throughout the evening.

The Foyer

Downstairs from the banqueting hall is a welcoming foyer. It houses the large wardrobe and a cozy bar, excellent both for serving during a pre-mingle as for other drinks later. With good results, the foyer has been used for mingles, lounge, and as a venue for afternoon coffee. To the north, the foyer borders the Diös room, which is as flexible as the foyer as a whole.

The Cocktail bar

With a more intimate feel compared to the grandeur of the great hall, and right next to it, is our cocktail bar (Drinkbaren) Aalvar Alto nourished a soft spot for Oregon pine, an exclusive and beautiful wood, used for the billowing southern wall of the cocktail bar. The room is perfectly suited for – you guessed it – cocktails, or for mingling while a dinner or dancing takes place in the next room.

The Carl Larsson salon

This room is adjacent to the cocktail bar and seats approximately 40 guests. Together with the cocktail bar, it provides a tasteful framework for a smaller company, but it can also be used as a dance floor or as a coffee room.