Taket is V-Dala’s immensely popular summer restaurant with an open-air bar. In 2022, we will be open from the first of June to the end of August. At our rooftop terrace you can enjoy delicious chilled drinks and tasty food, with beautiful views of the Cathedral and Upland’s garden. There are also spots  indoors for those occasions when the sun is scorching a little too much, or when you want to escape the Swedish summer rain.

Taket is run by a bunch of commited students whose goal is to create a pleasant and entertaining environment for the students who during the summer linger in the best of student cities.

Welcome to Taket, the tastiest food and coldest drink on the city’s best rooftop terrace!

This year’s menu can be found on our Facebook page: Taket

Feel free to check out our Instagram and Facebook for any pop-up events!

Taket is open all summer!

For opening hours visit: nationsguiden.se/en

Nations card is required