Nouvelle is the biggest and best live club in Uppsala.

Autumn 2013 was the start of something new. After a long wait, some funny business and a couple of dead ends, it is finally time for what we know you have all been waiting for. Four experienced nightclub veterans have brainstormed, bickered and laboured in the sweat of their brows all summer to bring you a worthy successor to Uppsala’s most important club. It is time. Time for live music, indie beats, soul, techno, comfort zones and rioting. Nouvelle is born and Velvet has passed it the torch!
Now, four semesters later, Nouvelle is still going strong and is a highly appreciated club amongst University students of all ages.  

The founders of Nouvelle are Emanuel Åström, Karl Eklund, Kristofer Eriksson and Maksim Milenkovic.

Some of the bands that have played at the Nouvelle are Elliphant, Julia Vero, Vinjette, The Mary Onettes, Henric De La Cour, Kristian Antilla, We Are The Storm, For BDK, Nicole Saboune, Naomi Pilgrim, Hurula, Caotico, Gone In The Sun, Tove Lo , Llojd, Karin Park, Faråker, The Hanged Man, Ninsun Poli, Colleagues, Thomas Stenström, Nadya, Eternal Death.